ted fullwood




dipped pipe cleaners





Ted Fullwood works in a variety of media including clay, mosaic, and fiber. His dynamic sculptural forms exhibit rich color pallets, subtle variations, and complex textures. Most of his fiber works are created from basket woven chenille stems - also known as pipe cleaners.

Many of the pieces in the portfolio section are available for sale, if you are interested, please send an email.

"Pipecleaner weaving is great in part because I can do it anywhere; coffee shops, public transportation, vacations... I've met many people who struck up conversations wondering what I'm making."

"I spent my first eighteen years in a near-constant state of daydreaming. It is still my fall-back state of mind. As a result, I gravitate toward art forms, mostly sculptural, that tap into and enhance that state. These art forms tend to be time-intensive and repetitive. Through reverie, I find my ideas for art. These ideas are ephemeral; they come in flashes and I don't question their importance. Instead, I start translating the ideas into material form as quickly as possible, though the whole process will take much longer. I do not want to hash out these ideas with my conscious, rational brain because I consider it to be the bane of creativity and imagination. My work doesn't aim to reveal truths or messages. Rather, I would prefer to baffle. I like to think that bewilderment can be a heightened state of mind."